Here, you'll find sustainable products & practices to help deepen your connection to yourself, to your community and to Mother Nature

What You Can Expect From ReSourced Apothecary

ReSourced Apothecary offers you holistic ways to heal and
reconnect - emotionally, spiritually, and mentally.


I offer ethically-sourced flower
, hydrosols
and oils, sustainable products, guided meditations, and personalized
energy healing sessions
. Join me as I discuss plant spirit energy,
vibrational healing, energy balancing and sustainability.


It is my intention that these offerings help you reach the
ultimate goal of truly understanding your inner power and tapping into your


What does all that mean? It means that you are not broken! As a
fellow human being who struggles with all the non-stop stressors of life, the
world, the news, relationships… you will experience depletion. My goal is to
help you REFILL your cup so that you can go deeper in your healing journey with
the resources here.


I create and process all products for ReSourced Apothecary through
ethical, natural, and sustainable methods at my home in Leeds, Alabama.


Perk: Everything here is created
with sustainability in mind. This whole endeavor is a practice in honoring the
earth because when we honor the earth, the sacredness of life is everywhere you
look--outside of you and within.


Your journey is unique to you, and these essences are here to
support you through it. I find that having physical medicines to work with like
flower essences, bath teas, body oils, etc. can be powerful allies in
connecting into the supportive energy these plants have to offer. Every product
in the ReSourced Apothecary store is created with the intention of supporting
you in reconnecting to your body, your intuition, your energy and your spirit.


I love bringing conversations with the plants to you on my podcast,
and also give you opportunities to deep dive through a variety of courses and workshops.


I so enjoy sharing the messages of the plants as well as their
medicine. I hope that these offerings serve your very highest good.


Scroll through to learn more about ReSourced Apothecary, check the
, contact
directly, and find products
and services
to support you in connecting with your inner power.


Big Love!



Plant Spirit Medicine

The store is stocked with Flower Essences, Hydrosols, Body Oils, Bath Teas and more. Each product carries vibrations and messages from the plants, crystals & healing energy used in its creation. These are excellent tools for creating energetic shifts in your life.

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Guiding You Through

In our meditation library, you can access guided meditations, and in depth practices for working with our plant medicines.

When you purchase a flower essence, body oil or other product don't forget to browse the meditation library and choose how you'd like to be supported on your journey.

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Plant Spirit Conversations

The plants have a story to tell. They bring a unique message for us that is medicine in its own right. Here you can access some of the messages I've received and get a feel for the unique identities and gifts of each plant.

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