A Conversation about Pleasure


Before this experience I can't say I thought much about PLEASURE.  At least, I didn't separate it out from joy, happiness, *insert whatever positive emotion here.*

Looking at it now, I can see that's a pretty huge red flag but let's move forward, shall we.

The plants came to me in a different way for this teaching.  First, more plant beings than I am used to showed up to deliver this message.  That powerful group energy definitely got my attention.  Second, they *showed* me their message before they spoke it.  Pleasure is a very sensory thing.  Whenever we put words on it, I feel we kind of color the energy rather than letting it be the complex experience it is.

As a person who tends to live a lot in my upper chakras, is very cerebral and wants to "figure everything out" this was such an important lesson to learn and these plants are helping me to truly come into my body, rather than just thinking about it.

Pleasure is the word that came through during this exchange so I use it here but if that doesn't sit right with you, think EMBODIMENT, the SENSORY aspect of ENJOYMENT.  Before we get too caught up in semantics, I'll just share at let you hear it directly from the plants:


Jessica: "I call on my Source, my angels and spirit guides. I ask Archangel Michael to bless and protect me and this exchange as the portal is opened. I ask Marigold, Plantain, Lemon Balm & Lepidolite to come forward & tell me about the messages they'd like to convey through this bath tea."

Marigold: "Well hi Sugar! The gang's all here. I've assembled an all star cast don't ya think?!"

J: "I do! You are all such powerful allies! I expected you to feature yourself more prominently. Can you tell me about how you'd like to be worked with and what your teaching is?"

M: "Honey, you know I play my support role to the max. I'll still shine. Don't you worry about that."

J: "Ha! I know you will! I guess I'm just not as familiar with Lemon Balm or Lepidolite & was surprised when they featured so prominently in this blend."

M: "You work with Lepidolite, don't ya? And Lemon Balm, Melissa.  She's sweet and astringent. I think she really balances us all out.

I am clearly bringing the fiery divine feminine. Plantain softens that fire while still supporting the feminine. He holds the container in a safe a soothing way.

Me (Marigold) and Lemon Balm are busting down the walls you built around the experience of pleasure.

I'm going to drive you to find it.

Lemon Balm will remove the shame and guilt that usually keep you from saying yes to you.

Plantain lets you know you're safe to explore.

Lepidolite keeps you tuned into your highest divine self.

The pleasure experience may be as simple as reading a book, it may be far racier or more indulgent. It's all ok as long as it is aligned with your highest good. Humans have deemed pleasure bad and as a result cut yourselves off from the wholeness of your divine nature.

Let's be done with that ok?

You are an adult, we have carefully set a safe container--now allow yourself to tap into your divine truth & experience your pleasure."

J: "Wow, wow, wow! Thank you all for coming in and for bringing this message. I am honored to get to share it with the world! Thank you to Marigold and Plantain, Lemon Balm, Lepidolite & my angels and guides. Thank you to Archangel Michael. Please bless us all and close the portal. Thank you."


If it is not clear, Marigold does not mess around! 

This grouping of plants comes through in my What's Your Pleasure Bath Tea.  I truly cannot over state their power. 

This bath tea blend is their gift to all those who put everyone else first. To those whose inner voice always answers your desires with changing the subject to someone who needs your time/energy "more."

The powerful takeaway here is that you cannot fully embody your ENTIRE divine being without experiencing pleasure. If you deny yourself this experience, you are denying yourself (and others) the fullness of YOU.

I offer you this conversation and the What's Your Pleasure Bath Tea with the highest intentions.  May you give yourself the gift of pleasure, no matter what that pleasure is.  May your experience serve the very highest good and may your cup be filled to overflowing by the whole process!


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