A Conversation with Marigold & Tulsi

If Marigold was my most powerful ally of 2021, Tulsi is the runner up.  When Tulsi started growing in my garden, I did not like the smell at all.  For me, the energy of Tulsi is magnetic.  I didn't have a strong relationship with the plant when I invited it to my garden but after only one growing season with Tulsi, I don't know how I ever lived without! When I began distilling plants, Tulsi really began to enter my consciousness persistently.  Tulsi never yells but is always there with a calm & knowing presence, patiently waiting for me to connect in and experience their medicine.  The following is a conversation with Marigold & Tulsi. The two personalities together still amuse me. Picture a boisterous and loud woman with a heart of gold how never misses a chance to tell it like it is. Next to her, is the calm quiet scholarly presence of a man who not only possesses knowledge but wisdom: the kind that comes from experiencing life's most precious and trying challenges. 

Jessica: "Dear Archangel Michael & Archangel Rafael, please protect and bless this interaction between myself and Marigold and Tulsi. Please let our transmission be clear and let the whole exchange serve the highest good."

"Hello Marigold and Tulsi! I feel you calling me to distill you together and to use the resulting medicine to help pull energy out of the head & back down into the heart and lower chakras. I would love for you to give me more direction and tell me more about the message you bring together."

Marigold: "Yes honey! You heard us. I am here, as I said, to help people to connect to their first and second chakra energy. But connection is only part of the puzzle. I am holding that fiery feminine energy that helps the body as a whole and the chakras specifically to act as vessels for energy to be held and felt and fully integrated."

Tulsi: "And I am holding the masculine energy of movement. I am infusing the body with the flow and movement that allows for the cyclical flow of energy through the optimized energy centers. So yes, for people with all their energy stuck in their heads who are experiencing anxiety and for those who have an abundance of energy stored/blocked in the back of the heart & therefore are experiencing depression, this medicine will strengthen the vessel so that the energy flow can be optimized--maximum uptake and integration AND smooth uninterrupted flow of energy."

"This hydrosol can be spritzed on the body or can be take into the body 3 drops at a time. This medicine is going to be powerful on its own but incredibly transformative for those who have worked with Marigold on her own."

Jessica: " Thank you Tulsi & Marigold! What an incredible experience distilling your plants together!! Thank you!"


It must be said that this conversation is approaching topics of anxiety and depression from an energetic standpoint.  While the hydrosol can be extremely helpful, it is not a substitute for any other therapies used in treating these conditions.

The energy of these two plants and their beautiful aromas mixing during the distillation process is still so palpable for me many months after the experience.  The scent of the hydrosol is herbaceous and bright.  It is a wonderful addition to the practices you've already created with Marigold AND it can be used all on its own.  I find myself spraying my face when I notice looping thought patterns or anxious thoughts that just aren't helpful.  I also will spray my chest (front and back) when my heart feels heavy, like it is too full of emotions or energy.  The awareness that energy is stagnating in my body has done wonders for my ability to shift out of certain undesired states.  I pause, breathe deep and focus on inviting energy to flow into my crown and down the center line of my body, letting it flow out through my feet.  I repeat this exercise until I can feel a flow of energy through me.

I hope this conversation, these practices and the hydrosol serve your very highest good!

You can purchase the hydrosol in my shop and access guided practices in the Meditation Library.

Big Love!

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