A Conversation with Mimosa + Elderflower

If you don't know this about me, I have a love affair with invasive plants.  Yes, even the ones whose benefits I can't yet see. (Poison Ivy, I'm looking at you!) There is something so noble about these plants who are determined to bring their medicine to us.  They are willing to face our disdain, negative energy, eradication efforts etc.  With the patience only an ancient being posses, these plants keep showing up for us.  They keep offering us the chance to heal with them. Mimosa is no different. You can try to get rid of Mimosa.  It's a losing battle.  After this conversation, hopefully you'll see how misguided the fight against Mimosa actually is.

Then we have Elder.  She is having a MOMENT these days!  Even people who don't dabble in plant medicine know about and have probably tried Elderberry syrup.  Elderflower syrups and liqueurs have surged in popularity as well.  There is no doubt that Elder is a powerful ally.  It seems when people accept the healing characteristics of a plant, they tend to get tunnel vision.  We connect to a constituent instead of the whole plant being.  We focus on one trait instead of the complex medicine of the whole being.

In this conversation we'll see how we can zoom out and get a feel for the complex medicine and synergy Mimosa flower and Elderflower bring to us.

Jessica: "Hello Elderflower and Mimosa! Thank you so much for offering your medicine to me and Ophelia today.  Last night I got the strongest feeling that I am mean to work with both of you. Are you willing to guide me now?"

Mimosa: "Sure.  But first, loosen up.  See my flowers blowing in the breeze. Allow that sway to come into your field & into your body...There you go.  Doesn't that feel better?  My flowers look airy & delicate but remember that those same traits give them their strength.  I'm going to ask you to lighten up. Let yourself sway & bend. You get rigid in your stress and that weakens you. Embodying joy i snot an either/or choice. You don't choose joy at the expense of strength or groundedness. You choose joy AND enhance your strength and groundedness. People have confused themselves on all of this and I'm here to share with you the truth. The fear response, when perpetuated, weakens you. Take a deep breath, envision my delicate blooms and allow that little movement to come into your body. Let your spine sway. Imagine with each undulation that you are releasing stored stagnant energy. Feel the density being carried out of your energy field."

Jessica: "Thank you! That feels lovely.  I feel lighter and less burdened almost immediately."

Elder: "I too am delicate, airy, yet I bring incredibly strength to your body & spirit. See my gently spray of flowers--tiny white clusters that look as though they would dissolve in the rain.  it is no mistake that I bear fruit that is incredibly powerful in strengthening the immune system. Feel me lifting you up, helping you heal, supporting you fully."

Jessica: "I do feel it! I almost have a tickling sensation when I think about your flowers. Like being lifted up by clouds."

Mimosa & Elder: "So, together we are coming to you to invite you to lighten up with the understanding that everything about the act of lightening up makes you stronger--more resilient.  Come away from the masculine view of strength. Allow us to help you choose movement, joy & gentle power."

J: "Oh wow! Definitely what I need. Thank you! I have prepared a combined flower essence, a mimosa tincture and an elderflower glycerite.  What is the best way for me to work with this medicine you are offering me now?"

M+E: "Begin with the flower essence.  When you take it throughout the day, allow movement into your body however feels right and smile.  Silly & sweet, joyful & lithe--these are all qualities that will serve you well.  You've practiced stern & steadfast. Now integrate these gifts."

J: "Thank you so much!"


My take away from this conversation is that Elderflower and Mimosa come together to bring us the strength to be joyful.  I especially see this in depleted parents who are stressed and stretched to their limits.  They have become rigid, frazzled, and frayed.  We can get to this place where we are so focused on keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe that we forget how to even hold joy.  When we go to invite joy into our bodies and energy fields, there may even be a tiny whisper from deep within "it's not safe to be joyful."  That can feel true.  Mimosa and Elderflower will show us that joy and strength can not only exist together but can complement and enhance each other.

Bring Mimosa + Elderflower in if:

1) You want to be happy and joyful from day to day but just don't see how with all that's weighing you down.

2) You are holding stress in you physical body in such a way that you're experiencing stiffness. If you're so stressed/overwhelmed that you find yourself avoiding physical movement.


You can purchase Mimosa+Elderflower Essence here.  For more guidance on how to work with Mimosa+Elderflower click here.  If you'd like one on one guidance, please email me and let's schedule a session.

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