A Conversation with Rose

Full disclosure: I've never really connected with rose.  As a kid, I remember my mom loving Rose scented lotions and no matter how much I wanted to love them as well, they just made me wrinkle my nose.  Cut roses didn't catch my eye & I didn't grow up around any rose bushes.  So for 30+ years, I've been judging rose based on the interpretations of others and unintentionally avoiding creating my own relationship with the plant.  Here's what I thought: Rose is a symbol of love.  Rose resonates with the heart chakra.  Rose is just ooie gooey lovey dovey energy.

Let's go ahead and get this out of the way: I WAS WRONG!  (Uggh)  

It's not that Rose isn't all of those things.  It's more that that is a very limited perspective of her medicine.  In our conversation, Rose helped me widen my perspective and definitely gained my respect and admiration.

Let's begin:

Jessica: "Dear Rose, thank you for joining me in that BETAR session! Are you open to chat with me now about you & your medicine?"

Rose: "Yes.  I am happy to support you.  Feel me wrapping around you like a comforting blanket or the arms of a loved one.  I am holding space for you to center.  I am gently encouraging you to really drop into your Root chakra. Feel the constriction. Now, knowing that I've got you--open up.  You won't drop through the center of the earth--but all this baggage you're carrying will.  When you let your heart lead, there is no need to hang on to the weight of experiences, negative emotions or dense energy.  The heart can feel & process & let go.  This is different from when the mind is in charge.  So here is your gentle nudge to change out the straw sized grounding cord for a drainage pipe sized one.  Let all the constriction & heaviness flow down to Mother Earth. I'm lending my energy in support of keeping your heart in the driver's seat & holding open those chakras who may be blocked or only semi open."

Jessica: "Oh wow! I feel your support and am so grateful for it.  Somewhere along the line my mind shut out my heart.  I didn't even know it.  It feels wonderful to have her leading the organization that is myself again.  And I thought I was doing enough grounding.  I thought my root was open. WOW! It blew open so wide with your help.  Thank you!"

R:"In this time many will have a similar experience but it could be other centers that need opening too.  I help where it is needed as it is needed.  I want you to know you are good enough--worthy. And to challenge you to see if you are giving your all in certain areas.  For you, Jessica--are you opening your Root as far as you can? Really? Are you fully feeling just how supported you are?  When I hold you, can you go deeper?"

J:"I need that guidance--that accountability to myself. Thank you! I'm looking forward to exploring how much deeper I can go with your support.  Is this medicine something you'd be comfortable sharing with others through me?"

R:"Yes dear. I came to you because you're receptive and because I know you will share my gifts. Don't be surprised if the other plants come to you with the same intentions. You are one who can share your experiences & learning moments in a way the world needs right now.  Don't try to water down what you share or to 'universalize' it.  I want this medicine to filter through your lens. You are the crystal I choose right now to magnify my medicine."

J:"What an honor! Thank you. Do you have instructions for how I share your medicine?"

R:"Share your experience. Share what works for you.  Call me in & we will decide if changes should be made for certain individuals. TRUST."

J:"Thank you.  I will do it and I will TRUST the process and you.  I will let it be easy.  I will shine Rose medicine through my light channel.  Thank you!"


That Rose is such a flatterer!!  It's not only me that she treats like that.  When you work with Rose, she comes in gently.  She builds you up.  It's hard to explain how incredibly held I feel when I work with Rose.  It's not surface level work you'll do together.  Rose challenges you in many ways. The magical part is how safe a respected I feel while Rose is challenging me to do better.  I really believe Rose can help anyone.  Her medicine is so powerful and far reaching.  

You'll know it's time to work with Rose if:

1) You know something needs to shift but you're not sure what.

2) You find yourself searching your mind for answers without checking in with your heart.

3) You're checking all the boxes on your mindfulness/conscious to do list but still feel stuck or blocked in any area.


I have a beautiful Rose flower essence available here.  If you'd like extra support in working with your essence, click here.  If you'd like one on one support in connecting in with Rose, please reach out to me via email.

May you be supported and held by the energy of Rose for your highest good!

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