Heart Field Compassion Meditation

ReSourced Apothecary presents: Nature's Wisdom Heart Field Compassion Meditation


 I've got a short meditation for you today. As we spend time in the heart chakra working with yarrow and other plant allies, the dynamic of the relationship between self and others just keeps coming up. I keep running into this awareness that the more compassionate I can be with myself. The more compassionate I can be with others.

That even though I've always thought of the heart chakra as the space where we come into relationship with others, the wisdom that is opening up is much more about how to explore this energy center in relation to my own self. And I guess when we are looking at our energy bodies as a whole, the fundamental wisdom is in regard to the self.

That's the only being we have any control over anyway. So, join me in this heart field compassion meditation.

   Take a moment to get into a comfortable position. Straighten your spine. Shrug your shoulders up to your ears and inhale count. One. Two. Three. For. Five. And exhale and let those shoulders fall. On your next inhale. I feel your breath filling your lungs. And lifting your chest. As you exhale, feel your heart energy.

Opening in expanding.

You may notice gentle heat building. Or you may feel a slight tingling sensation. Take a breath cycle. To observe the sensations in your heart space.

Now lift the corners of your mouth into a smile. It doesn't have to be a big movement, whatever feels right to you.

As this small change in your physical posture. Since positive signals to your entire being. You may choose to amplify the effects by sending love into your field. You can do this by saying out loud. I love you.

We're saying it silently. Take a deep breath here. And let that circulate.

Now offer yourself some more kind words. Approach this, like you were speaking to a dear friend who needs encouragement. I'm proud of you. You are doing the best you can. And that is awesome.

You are doing enough.

You are enough.

Now let's take a few breaths cycles. To offer whatever kindness comes to mind. And to fully receive that kindness. Without protest.

As you receive these kindnesses. It may feel nice to wrap your arms around your body in a hug. Or to simply place your hand over your heart.

Notice the sensations in your heart space.

Now offer yourself this thought.

As I move through the rest of my day. I am going to give myself grace. Because I know in my heart. That I am doing the best I can.

I will not judge myself beyond that.

I choose to be gentle with myself. And to offer myself compassion first.

I am enough.

I deserve my own love. Respect. And appreciation.

The more, I am able to offer these considerations to myself. The more I infuse this type of energy. Into the world around me.

This type of kindness and loving energy. Is what makes the world a better place?

So world.

You're welcome.

Now my friend. Go forth. And shine your bright light. Big love.

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