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  Welcome to the Thymely Drops of Wisdom podcast. I'm your host, Jessica Carmon, founder of Resourced Apothecary, where we are asking you to rethink how you refill your cup. Resourced Apothecary offers sustainable practices and products to help you deepen your connection to yourself, your community, and to mother earth.

Here in this podcast, I'm sharing the plant spirit medicine I receive from the plants and the land. The plants share their wisdom through messages and actual medicines. We'll discuss both in detail. In addition, I provide sound healing and guided meditation to help you connect in with the plants in your unique way.

And I offer suggestions for integrating all of this into your life with rituals and practices that are both manageable and powerful. I'm thankful you're here. Let's get into today's topic.

 Hello, dear listener. I hope you are giving yourself and others a lot of grace as we move through, may. There is so much going on this time of year. Transition, even good transition can be exhausting.

And speaking of transition. I do love how the life cycle of this podcast seems to imitate. The wider cycle of life.

This time we've been spending, focusing on the solar plexus has been transformational for me. And as a result, The way I show up in the world is shifting.

I hope you know That spending this time with you each week is one of the most joyful parts of what I do.

My mission is very simply to share the messages of the natural world. There aren't a lot of constraints on that directive and at times, The freedom feels daunting. Regardless, getting to share the messages that I receive from the natural world directly with you on this podcast is just the absolute best.

When I first started out. I was trying to create a neutral ground where. As I shared the messages of the plants, I could also highlight other herbalists and plant spirit communicators. I still love to connect with other herbalists and plant people. But after over 50 episodes, it has become clear that this is a really nice place for me to connect directly with you about the messages I receive from the plants and now even more beings.

It's also a really nice place to connect directly about the medicine I make through the ReSourced Apothecary.

What has become abundantly clear as I've been working in the solar plexus and integrating the wisdom of Sunstone and dandelion is that I have been compartmentalizing my business in an effort to edit how I show up in the world.

It is exhausting. My friend. As I've become aware of what I've been doing. I've started to explore what changes I could make that feel expansive. And would let me eliminate as much invisible labor as possible. Because you see, in trying to compartmentalize and make sure that I can show up in different ways for different people, I'm having to show up much much more often in all these different ways then I have the capacity for. It's not helpful to you for me to segment all of this. And it's not helpful to me to be expending so much energy on things that don't really matter.

So there's a lot coming up. And I'm actually quite enjoying sitting in the possibilities with how I will streamline.

For now, the first area I'm addressing is this podcast and how it fits into my business as a whole.

Breathe. It's not going anywhere. Are you kidding me? I love these weekly chats. What I don't love is all the work it takes to keep the podcast separate from everything else. So in the next few weeks, you will see the name of this podcast change. To better reflect that this is the resourced apothecary podcast.

PS, if you can think of something. A little catchier than that. Please let me know.

I'm sad to let go of my cute little word pun title, but such is life. You will see social media pages merge into my existing ReSourced Apothecary pages. And you will be directed to the ReSourced Apothecary website to access new episodes and to revisit old ones.

That's it. Honestly, I doubt you will be much effected at all.

If you've subscribed to this podcast through your podcast player, the little square that you click on to listen will change. But it will still be right where it usually is. If you are connected through the weekly email I send you'll still get it in your inbox with links to the episodes. They'll just point to a different place.

Don't get me wrong. There's a pretty serious amount of behind the scenes work for me here. But it shouldn't be noticeable. If I do it right. Wish me luck.

You will also notice over the coming weeks and months. Some different product and service offerings from the ReSourced Apothecary. I love making all the herbal preparations and will keep them coming. In playing around with the freedom of sharing the messages of the plants and the natural world, I'm feeling really inspired to create a series of affirmations, intentions and quotes Based on some of these messages. I love to have positive quotes and affirmations on my water bottle And set the intention to infuse my water with that positive energy. And there are so many ways we can be infusing our lives With this wisdom. So look for fun new offerings. i'm thinking stickers and all kinds of ways that we can Have these messages be present for us when and where we need them.

If there's anything you'd like to see, Let me know. If you have any favorite quotes or meditations that i've shared let me know that too. the collaborative aspect of this is this especially fulfilling, So don't hold back.

I'm so thankful to be on this path It's not self discovery, So much as self acceptance With some exploration. It is getting easier and easier to make choices To fully show up. And to be okay With the fact that my goal Is not to be the most palatable. To fit in to the most social circles.

My goal Is to live life Aligned with my specific truth. And to show up fully In the world So i can find my people. So i can find the people who are like yeah, she's a little weird, But it's a good weird And i feel like i can be my full weird self around her.

So thank you Dear listener For accepting my weird. Thank you for spending your time with me here. Thank you for supporting the ReSourced Apothecary. I'm so thankful to be connected to you. I'm so thankful to be exploring Life with you. It is an honor to share the wisdom of the natural world with you. And to explore how we might best integrate that wisdom Into our own lives.

Here's to showing up fully. Here's to trusting that all the parts of us are special. Here's to less editing And more shining.

Big love my friend.

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