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Guided Practices with Coriander

December 31, 20232 min read

Release the Weight of the World with Coriander!

Coriander offers a reminder to lay down the burdens you have heaped on yourself. To remember that you don't have to, indeed, are not meant to carry the weight of the world on your own. In order to feel supported, you must acknowledge and receive the support available to you.

Coriander's medicine is to help you clear out toxic energy. In the way that Coriander's physical medicine can help cleanse and clear your liver and remove toxins, it's energetic medicine is going to remove toxic energy and emotions. The process is important, especially for emotions and energy you've stuffed down. It's got to come up, let it rise. Let it move through the body, rise again, then be released for good.


These are powerful on their own but will be enhanced by spraying the Coriander Hydrosol either on your body or in your personal space.

  • May I be supported and guided in releasing all that sticky energy within me. All the triggering energy, any energy that in its stuckness is an impediment to flow.  I release judgment of that energy. Good, bad. It doesn't even matter. I return to flow now.

Body Centered Practice

  • Start at the root. Send energy up from the earth. Let it loop out at each chakra, taking with it all that needs to be cleared. Then let all that move up to the next chakra and repeat all the way up to the crown. Then let that energy that has picked up all that, which is ready to be released. Fall down. Center line of your body and out through your root chakra, into the earth. Feel the momentum that's built up on the upward flow through your body. Really send that energy to be released out through your body. This is a powerful clearing and also powerful for feeling your energy. Think of it as refilling your cup.

  • Coriander will help you pull all that stored stuff out from the depths if you'll sit with it as it circulates through you on its way out. Journal with the hydrosol, use it any time you are ready or need to be ready to let unpleasant energy come up in order to be fully and completely released.

Guided Meditation


This is specifically helpful for those moments. When we realize we are chewing on an event, a conversation, a happening of some kind

that is in the past, it is done and over with. But we are allowing it to still traumatize our nervous system.

Clearing Toxic Energy With Coriander


Always trust your body and your lived experience.

If you have any reflections or questions about what comes up for you, please email me.  Remember always, you are supported and loved!

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