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Guided Practices with Marigold

December 31, 20232 min read

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Get Ready to Shine with Marigold!

Marigold is bringing the energy of the fiery divine feminine.  Marigold is strengthening your 1st and 2nd chakras so that you have the energetic foundation to SHOW UP AND SHOW OUT!


Each time you place 5 drops of the essence on your tongue or in your water try saying:

  • It is safe for me to shine my light.

  • I am beautiful and I love to be appreciated!

  • When I fully embody my glory, everyone around me benefits.

  • I am a vessel for light and love.  I fill this vessel to overflowing  with the understanding that this is the best gift I can give to my loved ones.

Body Centered Practice

You can combine these practices with the above affirmations or use them separately.  Remember to try to take your essence 3-5 times per day.

  • Listen to music that makes you want to dance.  The physical act of moving your body in a way that feels good and fun is an excellent way to move stagnant energy and to shake off anything that no longer serves your highest good.  (My favorite for this is Reggaeton or anything that makes my hips sway!)

  • After taking your essence, find your hip bones and start gently tapping on them.  Invite the energy of Marigold to travel down into your hips (this is the general area of the body that is the seat of the 2nd chakra).  Start saying aloud "Thank you.  I love you" while you tap.  See if you can suspend judgement of self or shape in this moment and offer true gratitude to your body.

Guided Meditation

Body Tapping Episode


Hear More of Marigold's Wisdom




Always trust your body and your lived experience.

If you have any reflections or questions about what comes up for you, please email me.  Remember always, you are supported and loved!

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