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Guided Practices With Rose

December 31, 20231 min read

cluster of roses

Welcome to your journey with Rose!

Rose wants you to know you are good enough--WORTHY!  Allow this essence to help you center.  Notice where in your body you have the capacity for MORE when you are working with this essence.


Each time you place 5 drops of essence on your tongue or in your water try saying:

  • I am supported.

  • I allow Rose to move through my body clearing and opening my chakras for my highest good.

  • I move from effort based thinking into the ease of heart based feeling.

  • I trust in the wisdom of my heart.

Heart Centered Practice

You can combine these practices with the above affirmations or use them separately.  Remember to try to take your essence 3-5 times per day.

  • Take a deep breathe in and exhale out fully before taking your essence.  After taking the essence, allow your mind's eye to see the energy of Rose traveling up and down the center line of your body.  See that energy moving through and clearing and energetic blocks or stagnation that may be present.  Invite Rose to open this energetic channel inside you.

  • Place your hands on your heart and breathe deeply while inviting the energy of Rose into your heart.  Visualize the energy of Rose as a bright light.  See the light flow into the heart and increase in intensity as you sit with it and breathe deeply.  Notice how you feel as the light expands within your heart space until it overflows all around you.

Guided Meditation


Always trust your body and your lived experience.

If you have any reflections or questions about what comes up for you, please email me.  Remember always, you are supported and loved!

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